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BBC The Last Kingdom Ep 3 Recap

July 3, 2017 80 Like No Comments


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The Succession of Wessex

Last Kingdom has announced season Two is out on Netflix so it would be a good time to get you started with this outstanding somewhat true series.

With all the buzz on the web its time to start getting more from your binge watching and Uhtred will give you a reason to watch

The Last Kingdom is based on books written in the Title Saxon tales there are ten books finished our hope is that Netflix will continue to make greatness just as HBO did there are some shows that will get a studio awards and this show is that so without further of do Lets talk Last Kingdom Episode Three !

Alfred does not trust a viking man although, i personally despise Alfred his wife is worse off blaming the women because her man cant keep his hands off his staff shameless and also proud he takes the throne from Aflewold the Kings true blood heir he seems to take the story to another height you feel what they feel the story was written on screen as a story so it’s easy to remained hooked into to Netflix for the entire series. His child hood sweetheart Brida hates living around the Saxon based Winchester she still wears her viking garb and so does Uhtred he has not turned into a Alderman in the eyes of Alfred the Great.

See as long as Alfred can use Uhtred and leverage his kingship with servitude he is no better than Jacob’s father in law in the Bible he is using Uhtred’s knowledge against him and also imprisons them in cages while he goes off to the so called spy’s battle plan of what to do when to strike i could not believe my eyes Meanwhile Father Beocca is like Davao’s for Uhtred he makes his case and Alfred shuts him down something about Alfred pisses me off he is a true arsling !

Brida is a problem she hates Uhtred for coming to the palace they are now jailed while Alfred takes his information he provided about the army of vikings and uses it to his advantage to kill Ubba’s and Guthrums men see Ubba is not to be played with No one wants to fight Ubba

The struggle is real and Uhtred knows now he may have barked up the wrong true he will need to serve Alfred and sell his self and his sword he is not seen as a king but as a pagan and a possible spy…

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