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Most Powerful Bird On Earth – The Harpy Eagle! Nature Documentary 206

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The legs of a harpy eagle can be as thick as a small child’s wrist, and its curved talons are 3-4 inches, longer than a grizzly bear’s claws!

A female can weigh up to two times more than her mate! Like many other birds of prey, Harpy Eagles continue to bring fresh green twigs and branches to the nest after the chick has hatched. Some researchers think this helps keep insects and parasites away and provides a cooler environment for the nestling.

Deforestation and shooting are the two main threats to the survival of Harpy Eagles.

Rare throughout its range, the harpy eagle is found from Mexico (almost extinct), through Central America and into South America to as far south as Argentina. The eagle is most common in Brazil, where it is found across the entire national territory

Scientific name: Harpia harpyja

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