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Melisandre- Game of Thrones Is She a Double Agent ?

August 17, 2016 68 1 No Comments


Melisandre – Game of Thrones Is She a Double Agent ?

Melisandre has been kicked out twice each time she has failed but one time she did something good can the death of princess shireen be the reason Jon Snow was resurrected film, reviews and commentary see our Pop Culture channel we feature news updates on trending news the throne room offers tv series reviews news updates coming this winter we will also review other HBO series,Netflix Movies The throne room is offered via a new social video news site offering the ability to run your own web series radio station our site has seen over 100,000 users our next journey.

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What will come of the Red Priestess will she be the bad guy … Will she team up with Danny ?

There so many questions we could ask about the Red Women but we must remember she and LF have started a lot of stuff
It’s no question who’s running stuff she is a important person and she has been around to make change events how do we know she is not lying about her intent if she can shape shift is she a Faceless man type of Red Priestess ?

The Lord of Light Red God did we not hear Jaqen H’Ghar. I cant place. Have anyone ever seen the Faceless Man interact with Melisandra ?

She has been poisoned and did not die …
think about Arya when she almost died Jaqen told the waif she had many gifts.. I do not think Milisandra will be killed by Arya.

Milisandra’s Amulet has lit up during these magical spells she has used she is very mysterious. The child that was sacrificed may have been a casualty how do we know Davo’s was not correct maybe she is working against the Barrathian we do not know anything about her House !!

Essos is the fire god across from Bravos !
New conclusion to the series on Sunday 9/18 !

Let’s look at Jaqen again for a second ….

Look at the full history of them and see the similarities
accredited to Wikipedia

The Faceless Men are a guild of assassins based in the Free City of Bravos, though their members range far and wide across both Essos and Westeros. They command exorbitant fees, but have a reputation for success that is unparalleled by any comparable organization.

They consider themselves servants of the Many-Faced God, a god of death who is unknowingly worshipped by all religions in the world, in the form of one god or another. The weirwood Face for the Old Gods of the Forest and the Stranger of the Faith of the Seven are two such deities. Faceless Men are trained to relinquish their former identities and become “no one”, which allows them to become entirely different people, all in service to the Many-Faced God. They also believe that, as servants of death, they must serve above all else and that they must deliver upon certain people the “gift” of death.

Game of thrones is a tv show based off a series of books by RR. Martin Love that man !

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