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Exclusive look inside $95,000,000 apartment in NYC

January 23, 2013 21138 21 No Comments


CNBC were the only cameras inside the most expensive co-op in Manhattan. This is a seven bedroom apartment in the historic Sherry-Netherland building, is on the market for $95,000,000 and super broker Dolly Lenz gave us an inside look.

When some of the richest people on earth want to sell their homes they turn to Dolly: The eight billion dollar woman. She’s gained the trust of the rich and famous and her knowledge of their secret lives helped her move over $8 billion dollars in high-end real estate. Now she’s revealing all, from the new trends in super wealth to secret strategies for selling mega-homes, plus what the worlds super wealthy are buying, selling and how much it’s all worth.
In this episode, Dolly has more than $160 million dollars on the line in high-end deals, including a seven bedroom apartment in the historic Sherry Netherland Hotel, on the market for $95,000,000 as well as a listing in New York’s famous 15 Central Park West, known for its unrivaled star-power. Here, residents have included Sting, Denzel Washington and A-Rod. Plus, Dolly tells us about one of her most challenging days. . . a deal gone bad with a pop superstar.

Part 2 of Secret Lives of the Super Rich: Mega-Homes Premieres Monday, January 28th 9pm ET

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